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If Inabgo is 32.5 % Urea solution can I make it at home with the urea obtained in my farms ?

NO! Fertiliser grade urea is impure urea which contains high percentage of biuret, aldehydes and other inorganic substances that deactivate the catalyst in the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. These impurities cause a permanent damage to the system and would lead to a high capital maintenance in few months.

Another problem with using fertiliser grade urea is, government since it is subsidised is masked with neem oil or other additives so people do not use it for industrial use. Since neem oil and other additives deactivate catalyst it I not at all recommended to use fertiliser grade urea

Lastly it is illegal to use subsidised urea for manufacturing other product than meant for agricultural use

Can I use tap water or mineral water in Adblue® tank ?

NO! Tap water or even mineral or drinking water contains many salts and minerals which block catalysts sight that are used by SCR SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. This damages the catalyst and you may have to incur change of catalyst system which is a very costly affair

Can I use Adblue in Euro III or BS III engines as I care about environment ?

NO! Only BS- IV vehicles which have SCR systems installed can you Inabgo.

Is Adblue® added in Diesel tank as additive ?

No! There is a separate tank for adblue. Adblue is not added to the engine but is only used to reduce the improperly burned and harmful nitrous oxide gases. Never add Adblue in diesel tank.

Can Using Adblue Improve Diesel Mileage or Diesel Average ?

Yes! the fuel consumption is lower by 3% to 4 % in the case of engines compliant with BS IV or EURO 4 norms and the saving could be about 5% for vehicles complying to Euro 5 norms.

Why is Inabgo Adblue® quantity needed less than other Adblue suppliers ?

We at Inabgo make sure that right concentration of Urea is maintained, while other manufacturers try to reduce their cost by providing 31.8% urea solution which still passes ISO 222 41 we at Inabgo Maintain 33.2 % which though passes again ISO 222 41 but our customers get more for less a core value here at Inabgo.

Can I use metal funnels or buckets ?

Adblue is complaint to SS 316, 304 and other high grade metal alloys that are not available in local market. Adblue is not compatible with Mild steel or galvanised steel or aluminium. So use only polypropylene or polyethylene or HDPE equipments for your benefit we sale Adblue friendly transfer materials

Can I use diesel cans/ Drums which were used for oil or diesel to transport Adblue® ?

No! Oil or diesel damages spraying of adblue to the system and only a drop of diesel can pollute 20 L of adblue solution. So proper care should be taken to transfer adblue from barrels or drums to the Adblue tank.

Is Every Urea Solution Adblue® ?

No! Purity of Adblue is most critical, it is not the cost of urea, it is cost of removing the impurities which save the expensive catalyst

What is this Catalyst that you say is so expensive and how expensive is this catalyst ?

The SCR System contain a mixture of Palladium (18,00,000/ kg) , Rhodium and platinum (25,00,000/kg) which is similar or more costlier than gold. Now compare this to 50/Kg approx. price of Inabgo. So what will you risk?
*note price of metals are day specific and are considered for example purposes.